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The World Wide Web is the information system that essentially connects all the data present on the internet. Web hosting is to make your website accessible to the public via the world wide web. The information about your website is hosted on a server and once it’s hosted your viewers can access it by entering your domain in the browser. 

Why do I need Web Hosting Service ?

Web hosting is perhaps the most essential component of making your website available to view by the general public. A server stores the data of your website so it can live freely. Your website can only be accessed by viewers if it is hosted by a server otherwise it remains a private site that can only be accessed by you. 

A server projects your website onto the general public when they either enter your domain or web address onto their browsers and voila they are directed to your website by the host server. 

How can Montgate Help in Web Hosting service ? 

There are different types of web hosting services available including 

ï         Shared hosting 

ï         VPS hosting 

ï         Dedicated hosting 

ï         Managed hosting 

ï         Cloud hosting 

ï         Colocation 

Every variation has its own key features but most of all they differ in prices. While we, at Montgate can help you assess your needs and host your website based on the most appropriate web hosting service we still provide you with the liberty to choose the program yourself. 

Why Montgate ?

The developers at Montgate can link your domain name to our web hosting service so the online traffic can be averted towards your website as people begin to search your site. Our web hosting service can be the perfect and safest home to the files and data of your website. 

Since the domain is your address our web hosting service can be called the home to your site. And we are not only equipped with the latest technology but also determined to provide our users with a secure hosting environment. 

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