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The average person watches more than an hour and a half of video content per day on the Internet, and more than 60% of companies are already using video marketing for their online strategies. Thus, it is the right time for your company to start creating videos for your social media campaigns as it is more impactful.

At Montgate, we offer a variety of video storytelling options to meet the needs of any website or sales call. We can help you tell your story. We make promotional videos for events or companies, whether they are catering businesses, hotels, technology or services. 

The production of Corporate Videos in HD can increase the sales of a certain product and improve the image of your company. You will be able to publicize all the details of their services thanks to the high definition videos.

Corporate video at Montgate

If you need to record a corporate video, Montgate is specialized in the creation of digital material for any type of corporate video, we have the necessary equipment for each event and  we offer recordings in 4k or Full HD .

Our means

Thanks to our work and media team we offer a professional quality recording, our team is made up of 4K cameras, in addition to offering 360-degree recordings of the facilities.

Our sound

Composed of various means of digital sound recording, for example with microphones for video recordings with audio or stereo microphones for cameras, as well as recording of ambient sound.


Once the corporate video recording is finished, we take care of producing all the necessary material for the videos, creating several videos according to the client’s needs and providing all the material to the client.

Thus, with all the expertise that we have, we will assist your company in any type of video creation for branding on social media or web pages. All you have to do is contact us and get a custom quote.

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