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Have you noticed that your website is plummeting and visits are less and less frequent? In the vast majority of cases, this is the result of poor SEO optimization for positioning that can end up harming your company. By having few visits, your website can run the risk of losing visibility and ending up disappearing.

Do you want to avoid the complete disappearance of your website in view of potential customers? Well, it’s time to carry out an SEO audit to start building your business again.

An SEO audit consists of the exhaustive analysis of the situation of the website, in case if the Google is penalizing the website for any reason.

SEO Audit at Montgate 

It is important that before setting up any type of search engine positioning strategy outside of our website, that you carry out an SEO Off page audit of your business website. At Montgate, we offer the best SEO audit service. Through our SEO audit service, we analyze your website to detect all aspects that can be improved. 

Our SEO audit is the great ally to detect penalties. Whether it is a manual penalty or an algorithmic penalty, its effects will surely have a direct impact on your traffic and income. Our penalty removal service is going to end those aspects of your website that Google is penalizing and that are sinking you in the search results. 

Price of SEO Audit

We, at Montgate will detect possible penalties and proceed to resolve errors, all within your budget. We prepare a complete SEO audit report so that you know exactly what issues you should act on to improve your search engine positioning, the traffic that your website receives and increase your conversion rate.

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