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Launching a website is an important decision in the company’s online marketing plan. However, it must be a part of long-term plan and truly effective, it must be maintained and updated regularly with utmost frequency. Today, if you are seeking visibility, reputation, positioning and even sales on the internet, a content management system CMS Platform is inevitable. 

Content management system (CMS) is a software application designed to facilitate the development and administration of the contents of a website, without the need for deep programming knowledge.

At Montgate Technologies, we are a web design and development agency specialized in large websites, contributing our experience in design and technology to protect your investment and achieve the best results. We are experts in implementing the appropriate CMS for your website its content needs. With our scalable and personalized CMS platform development services, you can focus more on the business rather than the technology. 

We Take Care of the CMS

CMS have various modules or functionalities useful for websites, such as chat, blog, forum, calendar, search engine, languages, navigation map, and social networks. Depending on the web project and the objectives you want to achieve, there are various CMS, with their own characteristics and designed for various purposes. 

The most prestigious CMS platform that we recommend to our clients is WordPress that is world-famous for its flexibility with unmatched plugins and themes. Furthermore, Magento service is also provided at Montgate Technologies, that is software specialized in launching virtual stores and selling products on the web. 

Then it comes to Joomla which is the second most used CMS platform after WordPress and vital for the development of company websites, personal blogs, forums, chat services, digital newspapers or online stores. Moreover, Umbraco and WooCommerce services are also offered at our agency.

What we offer ?

At Montgate Technologies, our developers have all the necessary skills and tools to develop your website at one of the above mentioned CMS platform. We have helped hundreds of companies (small and large), NGOs and administrations to start or evolve their digital projects, and we continue to be motivated to apply the changes and innovations offered by the Internet. 

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