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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very useful technique within an inbound marketing strategy which involves steps to improve a website’s position on the internet. 

We, at Montgate offer off page SEO inbound marketing service that is one of the most common and effective ways to attract new users to the web. It is done through blog posts, where articles, posts and other text information provide the user with the information they were looking for.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing is a methodology that encompasses different techniques such as SEO to attract your target audience through content of their interest.  Off page SEO is one such methodology through which your site connects to the rest of the internet. We, at Montgate, implement a series of techniques with a focus on achieving external links improving their organic positioning in Google and other search engines.

Content writing is also an important step in this strategy in order to attract new traffic. The strategy that we mainly focus on is increasing the backlinks through quality content written by our expert writers.

Off-page SEO strategies

At Montgate, we take the responsibility for implementing an OFF-page SEO strategy focused on a set of techniques obtaining external links that point to your website to improve its organic positioning in Google and other search engines. The basis of SEO off Page strategies are links, one of the main providers of direct traffic to our website.

Thanks to these inbound links we get:

  • Visibility of our website, notoriety and Branding.
  • Indexing by search robots
  • Traffic to our website

We start Off-page SEO link building strategy with studying your competition and analyzing who links to them and who links will give us very valuable information for our link building strategy.

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