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Search Engine Optimization is one of the tools that cannot be lacking in Internet marketing strategies today. It is due to the fact that being able to position a website in the first search results goes through knowing and applying the different SEO techniques.

Content SEO focuses precisely on the content, such as; on-page articles that are published on the site, while technical SEO focuses on correctly completing those parameters that search engines use to index, such as keywords, tags, links, using H1 tags in titles, and other tricks.

SEO for your website

We, at Montgate, take pride in having an expert team including several SEO consultants who have ample experience in web positioning and executing a perfect marketing strategy. On the other hand, our SEO writers provide us keyword-rich articles that aim to get much more natural traffic from interested users. Montgate stands out as here you will work with professionals who really control both techniques; technical SEO and On-page SEO.

Guaranteed Results from On-page SEO

Combined with On-Page SEO and, technical SEO, we would thus complete the fundamental pillars of web positioning to reach the top in search results. At Montgate, our SEO writers improve the visibility of your website in search engines, to occupy the first page of results. The keyword-optimized articles and on-page blogs are created that Google can archive your content without problems. Above all, the users, when they find relevant content on your site, enjoy being on your portal and stay there longer.

Technical SEO is Key

Technical SEO goes beyond the creation of quality content and optimization tips that we all know to improve the positioning of the web. At Montgate, we have a professional team of SEO experts who master SEO technicals;

ï         Tags Title and Meta-description

ï         Microformats (HTML and JSON-LD)

ï         WPO (Servers, Cache, Image and code optimization)

ï         robots.txt file

ï         XML Sitemap

Thus, never delay contacting us for an authentic on-page and technical SEO service for your business website.

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