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The goal of any company, whether or not it is an online store, is to sell. In electronic commerce, it is recommended to set specific and realistic objectives, since you must work on them.

In this sense, companies can have general and specific objectives. Each eCommerce must set its objectives based on of what the company needs. For that, there are different tools that help entrepreneurs to excel in the eCommerce sector. One such strategy to boost an online business is through integrated eCommerce.

What is Integrated Ecommerce ?

Integrated eCommerce is an eCommerce solution that uses the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to power a company’s virtual store. The main advantage of an integrated eCommerce solution is that it helps in the smooth running of your business. The ERP connects with your eCommerce store and stores all the customer data without any complexities and manual data entry. In this way, the customer information, product specs, and price details are saved. It is basically a synchronization of your ecommerce with the different types of computer systems of the company, or between different companies. This information help boost online sales channel. 

Ecommerce Integration Solution at Montgate

We, at Montgate offer services for eCommerce Integration. We get this job doneg by integrating your ERP system with popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce, Amazon, and others. We make integration simple to set up which helps automate various functions, such as online order receipt, product and inventory updates, and immediate delivery of shipping information to customers.

Why Us ?

Choose Montgate for your ecommerce integration solution as we have all the expertise to boost your eCommerce business. Consumers demand flawless online experiences, and manual processes in your operations will negatively impact the consumer experience and your bottom line. That is why, never delay contacting us and get a back-end supply chain automation that will give you the ability to meet the needs of your customers and makes accelerated growth possible.

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